Wolf Kuper

Wolf Küper was born in the 1970s in Germany. Being the son of musicians, he spent most of his childhood in the wings of opera houses or lurking beneath grand pianos.
After studying at university, Wolf Küper became a researcher in Latin America - his first job was to examine treetops in the Amazon in Venezuela from a 40-metre-high crane. Later he gained his PhD in the field of international environment politics and coordinated an international research project on patterns of biological diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa. He went on to become an expert on environmental protection for the United Nations Environment Programme, until a simple conversation with his daughter ended an extremely promising professional career and changed the course of his life. It also made him a time millionaire, sending him and his family on several journeys through Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Wolf Küper has never regretted his decision to devote a million minutes (and counting) to his family and spend more time on his writing.
Wolf and his family now live in Cape Town, South Africa, where he is working on his second book.