Peter Jukes, Alastair Morgan
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Private Investigator Daniel Morgan was murdered in cold blood, with an axe to the head, in the car park of the Golden Lion pub, Sydenham, south London, on 10th March 1987.

Thirty years on, after five failed police investigations and an ongoing inquiry, Daniel's murder is now the most investigated in British history - yet it remains unsolved.

The phone hacking scandal that closed the News of the World was big, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. At the bottom of that iceberg of 'dark arts' - hacking, bugging and bribing bent cops - is the body of Daniel Morgan. The truth behind his killing is obscured by a web of corruption and cover-ups.

Written by Daniel's brother Alastair, with investigative journalist Peter Jukes, Untold marks the 30th anniversary of the murder once described by an Assistant Commissioner of the Met as 'one of the most disgraceful episodes in the entire history of the Metropolitan Police Service.'

Going beyond the number one hit podcast of the same name, this is the inside story in full. Including fresh revelations, new evidence, all the latest findings and, at its heart, the tragic story of a family whose lives have been torn apart in the search for answers.

If you haven't heard of this story, ask yourself, why?

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