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Alfie Deyes

This app has been designed to work with THE POINTLESS BOOK brought to you by YouTube Vlogger ALFIE DEYES from the POINTLESSBLOG

ATTENTION: Due to the video content this app requires a minimum of 350 mb free space available on your device.
If the device doesn't have enough space available it will stop working during the download, showing a message "Activity, Saving Files". If this happens, please check if you have enough space available, force quit the app from the task manager and reopen the app.

Older devices may have a low resolution camera, this will increase the recognition time. Please keep still until the player pops out.

If the app doesn't work on your device, please send us a feedback with the detailed description of the problem, model, Android version and memory available. We can't help without this kind of informations.

Please download this app using a WI-FI connection, on first run please don't quit the app until the main menu appears.
This FREE augmented reality app is the ultimate addition to THE POINTLESS BOOK. As you work your way through the pointless challenges this app will reveal completed pages from Alfie plus exclusive videos of him and his friends taking part in the tasks they’ve set for you. You can even reprint pages from the book to complete the challenges all over again.
Highlights Include –
Exclusive videos from Alfie
Alfie’s completed pages from the book
Printable pages from the book so that you can enjoy the challenges all over again
How it Works –
To reveal the videos and Alfie’s completed pages locate the scan the page icons within THE POINTLESS BOOK. Launch the app, then focus your device’s camera at the page and see it come to life on your screen…. Enjoy!

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The Pointless Book App (30 Sep 2014)
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The Pointless Book App
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More about Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes a.k.a @PointlessBlog is a prominent YouTube Vlogger and #1 bestselling author of The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2.

Alfie is a social media superstar with over 5.5m million YouTube subscribers, 4.8 Instagram followers and 4.1 million Twitter, and over 1 million Facebook likes.

With all the humour and quirkiness of Alfie's PointlessBlog YouTube channels, his books are packed with a host of games, pranks and jokes. The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2 are accompanied by a free downloadable app where fans can interact with Alfie in a whole new way, watching exclusive videos, seeing the challenges Alfie has already completed with his friends and much, much more!