The Hidden Lives of Dreams

What They Can Tell Us and How They Can Change Our World
Melinda Powell
On average, we spend around six years of our lives dreaming. Yet, astonishingly, few of us understand the purpose of dreams and even fewer recognise what our dreaming mind can tell us about ourselves and our world.

Melinda Powell, psychotherapist and co-founder of the Dream Research Institute UK, reveals how better understanding our dreams can improve our waking lives.

As well as examining the importance of sleep and dreams, The Hidden Lives of Dreams explores the role of light, colour, landscapes, space, healing presence and lucidity in dreams, dispels common misconceptions and addresses our fears of nightmares. Powell shows how to tap into our dreams as a source of guidance and inspiration to enhance our wellbeing and to discover a healthier, more balanced approach to life.

'Exploring the depths of dreaming with an experienced guide like Melinda Powell will bring you closer to your heart, your purpose and your truest self. Highly recommended.'
Robert Waggoner

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More about Melinda Powell

Inspired by dreams, Melinda Powell co-founded the Dream Research Institute, at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London, to promote research into the relationship between dreams and wellbeing. Melinda has served as past vice-president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and as director of Help Counselling Centre. She works as a psychotherapist and teaches the art of Lucid Dreaming. Melinda has published and lectured widely on dreams and lucidity. Born in Southern California, she lived for a number of years in Poland and Switzerland before making her home in the United Kingdom.