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***The ultimate football skills guide on your device, packed with exclusive videos from The F2!***

The FREE F2 Book App will bring to life on your screen the incredible skills of Billy and Jez! The F2 share their football expertise with exclusive, never-before-seen video tutorials to help you play like a pro.

Take your game to the next level with the exclusive content from the books F2: WORLD OF FOOTBALL and F2: FOOTBALL ACADEMY. Full of step-by-step videos, exclusive picture galleries, and special features that allow you to design your own 3D football boot and ball, this app will turbo-charge your tekkers.

Get onto a football pitch, practise the amazing F2 skills with The F2 Book App, and don’t forget to share your attempts with Billy and Jez!

Highlights Include:

~ Exclusive video tutorials of the F2 tricks
~ Picture galleries of Billy and Jez
~ Design your own F2 boot and ball 3D pop-up
~ Cool stickers for iOS 10 and above, when texting in iMessage
~ The F2 Challenge: record your own attempts of the incredible skills and share them with The F2

Top Tips:

- Tap SCAN THE PAGE from the home screen and choose which book you want to scan. Hover your device’s camera steadily over the entire page that features the phone icon and watch the book come to life!
- Don’t forget to turn off the silent mode for video sound to display. Alternatively, you can use earphones.
- For the stickers to appear, go to the iMessage Store through your messages app, select Manage>Automatically Add Apps or activate The Pointless Book 3 Stickers directly.
- Check the instructions on the home screen for more information.

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The F2 Book App (11 Jul 2017)
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The F2 Book App
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More about F2 Freestylers

The F2 are the world's biggest football social media stars, with 6 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and 4 million followers on Instagram. As brand ambassadors for Adidas, they travel the world interviewing and playing with the biggest footballers and social media stars. Their first book, F2: World of Football, was the biggest selling sports book of 2016.