The Hidden Chimp

Steve Peters
In The Hidden Chimp, Professor Steve Peters explains in a simplified way the neuroscience of the developing mind and how some unhelpful and destructive behaviours can be inadvertently hard wired during childhood. This book will help adults understand how we can avoid pitfalls and better equip our children to be more resilient, successful and generally happier in life - in essence how from an early age they can learn to manage their inner or 'hidden' Chimp. The accompanying children's book My Hidden Chimp, is a children's guide with easy to follow explantations and simple strategies to help them understand how their mind works. With the UK second to bottom in the world for mental wellbeing among young people, Steve, who is pre-eminent in his field and the international bestselling author of the acclaimed The Chimp Paradox, hopes to improve this by explaining aspects of the developing mind in children and offers carers of children some practical suggestions for helping children develop happiness and confidence.

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9781788700016 (20 Sep 2018)
RRP £12.99