The Science of Rick and Morty

What Earth’s Stupidest Show Can Teach Us About Quantum Physics, Biological Hacking and Everything Else In Our Universe (An Unofficial Guide)
Matt Brady
Learn about quantum physics, cloning, exoplanets, the number 137 and all of modern science's biggest questions through the crazy adventures of Rick and Morty, the international Netflix success, now airing on Channel 4.

What is concentrated Dark Matter?
Can we hack memory?
Are you living in a simulation operating at 5% capacity?

Rick and Morty may seem like the most idiotic show on TV today, but a lot of its crazy adventures are actually based on real-life scientific theories and cutting-edge academic research.

Using the biology, chemistry and physics of the series, expert science writer Matt Brady explains the biggest questions occupying the greatest minds today, including: can we have cool cybernetic implants, will we ever be able to alter our basic intelligence, how far will we be able to go with cloning, could we travel to parallel universes, what energy could you get from a microverse battery and can you control a cockroach's nervous system with your tongue?

So, become more Rick and less Morty with this wander through the portal of modern-day science.

Or just go back to laughing at the stupid jokes.

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More about Matt Brady

Matt Brady teaches International Baccalaureate level Physics 1 and 2, Honors Chemistry and Honors Physics. Prior to teaching, Brady co-founded and was Editor-in-Chief of, which became the internet's largest and most-respected pop culture website, winning the first Eisner Award for Best Comics-related Journalism. Along with his wife, Brady then founded, a website that uses pop culture as a hook to teach science to the world. He has written articles about Black Panther's vibranium, Ant-Man's arrow ride in Civil War and how much The Flash would have to eat to stay alive. Last spring, Brady was honored with the Pop Culture Educator of the Year by Pop Culture Classroom, a leading organization advocating the use of comics and pop culture in all education. He continues to try to teach the world about science.