Our Imprints

Blink Publishing is an adult non-fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK.


Blink Publishing brings you closer to the stars, the cars, the mars bars, and sometimes even the Mardi Gras. But most of the time, we’re busy publishing books by the coolest people to walk the earth! With a brilliant team focused on superb quality and digitally-enhanced books, we’re here to engage, entertain and excite. It’s where the great and the good come to share their stories, their knowledge and their worlds.


Over the moon, sick as a parrot, unbelievable John, top drawer, back of the net: you’ll find none of these clichés in Blink Sports’ books. But you will find your Jenson Buttons, your David Coulthards, your Rio Ferdinands, your YouTube superstars The F2 as well as critically-acclaimed authors such as your Jonathan Wilsons and your Elliot Worsells. Stick that in your onion bag!


Blink Reality is all about real stories, real lives and real issues: including inspirational memoir, gripping true crime and crazy tales that tackle and explore life’s big subjects.


Sheds, funny animals or political satire; 535 is a smorgasbord of the weird and the wonderful. Better than 534 and twice as good as 267 and a half – it sounds like publishing by numbers but it bloody well isn’t.


Promoting the pursuit of personal balance over perfection and the Scandinavian motto ‘not too little, not too much, just right’; each Lagom title aims to turn readers away from their busy digital lifestyles and closer to personal fulfilment and wellbeing, as well as to focus on things that truly matter. So if mindfulness is your banana and healthy food, diet and fitness are your passion fruit then a Lagom smoothie is on order for you!