Never Look Down

James Kingston
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James Kingston loves to climb. Whether he's scaling a tree at his local park or ascending to the very top of a crane, looking down always brings about the best kind of rush. And yet it wasn't always this way.

Afraid of heights as a child, James vowed to confront an almost crippling phobia. He was transformed, and became one of the most daring and unique free climbers on the planet.

Today, James is the go-to man for everything HIGH. Think Wembley Stadium or the Eiffel Tower - James has conquered some of the most iconic locations in the world.

Packed with death-defying POV pictures, Never Look Down tells how James faces down danger, where his favourite free climbing locations are, and takes you to the top of the world.

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More about James Kingston

James Kingston is a free-climber and online vlogger. Constantly on the move and looking for new climbing challenges, when not traversing tall buildings he spends most of his time on the ground in his hometown of Southampton.

You can follow James on
Twitter: @JamesLKingston
Facebook: /JamesLKingston
Instagram: thejameskingsto
Youtube: James Kingston