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75 Delicious Dates Around the World
Bambi Smyth
Heartbroken after a break up with a guy she thought was 'the one', 47 year old Bambi Smyth embarked on a very special round the world trip - one where she would combine her big love of travel and her even bigger love of food with her desire to find true love. Bambi sets out to find a date in every country and find out how closely each of the men resembles the national dishes of their own country.

It's a journey of self-discovery, where what started out as a fun way to shake off the blues becomes a diverse, sometimes disastrous, sometimes fun and flirty, and sometimes just plain weird adventure that tests Bambi's powers of self protection and takes all of her very engaging wit to persevere...

This is a truly hilarious, charming, heartfelt book, containing very recognizable truths about the perils of dating strangers, as well as some great description of national foods, drawing fascinating parallels between the sensuality of food and sexual relationships.

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More about Bambi Smyth

Bambi Smyth was born in Scotland, but has lived in Melbourne all of her adult years. With her love of travel Bambi's life has been extraordinary to say the least. Bambi has visited more than 38 countries, in between juggling a successful career as an illustrator and children's book author.