LUCKY – Professor Green App

Professor Green

Take your experience beyond the printed page with LUCKY from Professor Green and bring his story to life on your device.

Prepare for a much-anticipated insight into the life of established rapper Professor Green and get to know the real Stephen Manderson, the man behind the public persona.

This FREE app will work alongside Professor Green’s new book LUCKY to reveal exclusive content, taking you behind-the-scenes of Stephen’s life.

From image galleries with never-seen-before photographs you can swipe through with your fingertips, to exclusive videos, this app offers a unique insight into the hilarious, emotional, and difficult moments of Professor Green’s journey so far.

How it Works
Launch the app and have your copy of LUCKY by Professor Green at the ready. Press the ‘Scan the Page’ button and locate the mix-tape icons within the book. Focus your device’s camera over them and all the digital exclusive content will come to life! Enjoy!

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LUCKY – Professor Green App (04 Sep 2015)
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LUCKY – Professor Green App
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