An A to Z of Existence
Aaron Gillies
With 35,000 plus followers on Twitter and regular spots on media websites, including the Huffington Post, The Poke and Buzzfeed, 28 year old Aaron Gillies aka @TechnicallyRon is already an established 'voice of a generation' with his popular, sharp and precisioned brand of visual comedy satire. Firmly in touch with his masculinist and feminist issues, @technicallyRon is not afraid to take a pop at the subliminal messages on body image and self esteem to be found in the media, and on the covers of magazines. He speaks largely to a 18-to-35 unisex demographic, and counts high-profile journalists and comedians amongst his fans. Ron famously posted his brutally funny 'Katie Hopkins Day Planner' for The Poke on Twitter, which was retweeted by none other than Hopkins herself, proving that perhaps she doesn't take herself too seriously, after all...

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More about Aaron Gillies

Aaron Gillies is a writer for numerous publications including The Poke, Huffington Post and Hoot Comedy, and is better know as his twitter alias, TechnicallyRon. Born in Aldershot in 1987, he later moved to Hereford where he studied music technology and started a 10-year career as a theatre technician, working for receiving houses and the Edinburgh Fringe. The name TechnicallyRon derives from that. His interest in Twitter became an obsession and in 2014 he married Alexandra, who he met on the website.