Kids Write Jokes

@KidsWriteJokes brings you over 150 crazy, entertaining and hilarious jokes written by kids! Answering questions you've always wanted to know, like...

Q. Why does mums get so angry
A. beacuse when she sends you to your rhoom she can read a fashion book

The best knock knock jokes...

knock knock
toilet to the rescue

The horror jokes you didn't know you wanted but now need...

it was a dark and creepy night there was a
black and white figure in the forest
it was a cow.

And some of the weirdest gags you'll ever hear...

Q. What do you call a freak horse?
A. Jessica

Utterly original and completely hilarious - Kids Write Jokes is charming, silly and fun, and the perfect book for anyone with a sense of humour!

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Based on the hit Twitter and Tumblr feeds - which has gained over 200k followers in two years - Kids Write Jokes is a collection of the weirdest, wackiest, and downright hilarious gags from kids from all over the world.