IVF: All You Need To Know

Susan Bedford, Clare Goulty
Written by world-leading fertility experts and edited by mums who have undertaken multiple cycles of IVF and know what it takes to succeed, this guide advises you on the entire IVF process and how to maximise your chances of success

. All IVF topics are covered, from how to choose your fertility clinic, to understanding the stages of an IVF cycle, to how to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for the treatment.
· Looks at how to optimise your nutrition and how to improve egg and sperm quality
· Examines the growing trends of egg freezing and donor-assisted IVF
· Shares real-life stories of a variety of IVF journeys and their inspiring outcomes
· Includes key contributions from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the UK's independent regulator for fertility treatment and research

IVF: All You Need to Know is an essential handbook for couples and individuals who are considering IVF, who want to find out what's involved, and who want to be as well prepared as they can be. It is also for those who may have already tried IVF, have experienced failed cycles and want to boost their chances of success next time around.

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