Fashion Is Freedom

How a Girl from Tehran Broke the Rules to Change her World
Tala Raassi
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When she was 16, Tala Raassi went to a party. She talked to boys, and wore a mini-skirt. She was punished with 40 lashes and five days in jail.

Growing up in Tehran, Tala learnt to use fashion as a getaway whenever she suffered from the restrictions of her society. Labeled a rebel with a propensity to break the rules, she quickly came to realise being hungry for freedom in Iran was a recipe for disaster. Tala's lashes served as a stark warning to her - she needed to escape. Moving to the USA, she was able to develop her own clothing label to massive success. But the cut-throat world of Western fashion wasn't exactly how she had imagined it. She witnessed first-hand the ups and downs of hard work, hard decisions, and hard truths.

Fashion Is Freedom is an inspiring true story of how courage, a dream, and some needle and thread can change a life forever...

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More about Tala Raassi

Tala Raassi is an Iranian-American fashion designer, named by Newsweek as 'One of the Most Fearless Women in the World'. Tala impressed the fashion world with her talent in swimwear when she moved to the USA from Iran. Aside from running a fashion empire, Raassi remains committed to supporting other women find their own freedom.

Follow Tala on Twitter @TalaRaassi, and on Instagram @talaraassi.