F2: Ultimate Footballer: The All New F2 Book! (Skills Book 4)

How To Build The Perfect Player
The F2
The F2 have scoured the planet and analysed what ingredients you need to build the perfect footballer - the left boot of Messi, the passing of de Bruyne, the dribbling of Neymar, the finishing of Kane. Now they want to create the ultimate footballer and show you how to emulate your favourite stars.

If you want to add skills like the Salah swerve, or the Ozil chop, the look no further. And this time, it's not just the skills buyt also the drills. Chasing the pace of Mbappé? Or the engine of Kanté, The F2 show you how.

And once you've put it all together you can compare your ultimate player with Billy and Jez's. Who has the best? You decide?

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More about The F2

The F2 are Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, the world's biggest football social media stars, with over 20 millions followers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As brand ambassadors for Adidas, they travel the world interviewing and playing with the biggest footballers and social media stars. Their first book, F2: World of Football, was the biggest selling sports book of 2016.