Epic Kitchen Adventures App

Raphael Gomes

This FREE augmented reality app is designed to bring to life the delicious quirkiness of RAPHAEL GOMES’ EPIC KITCHEN ADVENTURES yummy recipes. Packed with funny videos of Rapha cooking tasty treats, exclusive recipes, and pop-up images with sneaky tips. This app is the perfect companion to EPIC KITCHEN ADVENTURES and for those who enjoy his delectable creations.

This FREE app has been designed to work with EPIC KITCHEN ADVENTURES, a new cookbook brought to you by YouTube’s favourite chef RAPHAEL GOMES, @ItsRaphaBlueBerry

*****Highlights Include:*****
* Exclusive hilarious videos from Raphael.
* Pop-up Food Hacks.
* Extra tips and advice for even more deliciously outrageous recipes!
*Exclusive recipes.

How it Works

All you have to do is locate the ‘scan here’ icons within the EPIC KITCHEN ADVENTURES book. Launch the app, then focus your device’s camera on the page with the ‘scan here’ icon and more epic content will be revealed!

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Epic Kitchen Adventures App (28 Jul 2015)
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Epic Kitchen Adventures App
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More about Raphael Gomes

Raphel Gomes - aka @raphablueberry - is an internet sensation and his popularity is growing rapidly:
YouTube: Subscribers - 202k https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsRaphaBlueBerry
Twitter: Followers - 28.2K - @Raphablueberry
Instagram: 31k followers - http://instagram.com/raphablueberry
Facebook: 38k likes - https://www.facebook.com/ItsRaphaBlueBerry
Tumblr: http://raphablueberry.tumblr.com/