Eaton's Modern Ready Reckoner

Essential Everyday Trivia
Thomas Eaton
'Outrageously addictive' -- Stephen Fry

Eaton's Modern Ready Reckoner revives the curiosities of old, mixing it with the delights and complexities of the 21st Century. A nostalgic gift book for the modern trivia-loving brainiac in your life, Eaton's Modern Ready Reckoner contains information on everything and anything, from digital algorithms, to weights and measures; SpaceX to interest rates; monarchs, presidents and rap stars. But not only that, it includes out-of-this world trivia as we head into the age of the Large Hadron Collider, of stem cell therapy, Bitcoin, and Netflix; of vaping, emojis and the hashtag; as well as updates on Reckoner classics from days of yore - including metric and imperial conversions; sunrise and sunset times across the world; and, perhaps more usefully, how to tell the height of a tree.

Compiled by quiz-buff and self-confessed 'collector of curiosities' Thomas Eaton, Eaton's Modern Ready Reckoner is a wonderful revival of a forgotten treasure trove of facts, figures and trivial delights!

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More about Thomas Eaton

A self-styled 'collector of curiosities', Thomas Eaton is the fiendish question setter for the Guardian's Weekend magazine, and has written for TV quizzes The Weakest Link and The Chase.