Eat Greek for a Week

Tonia Buxton
In this wonderful new cookery book, gourmet chef and television personality Tonia Buxton shows how the culinary wonders of Greece can lead to a happy, healthy and rewarding diet.

A qualified nutritionist, Tonia Buxton takes you on a journey across her homeland and shows how Greek food can not only manage your weight more effectively, but can help slow aging, improve your sex life, and even prevent the development of diabetes.

From delicious dolmades to mouth-watering moussaka, leave the mundane weekly dinners at home and join Tonia on a culinary journey of discovery as she shows you how the dishes of her Hellenic homeland can lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

With over 50 recipes ranging from a simple Tzatziki to a superb souvlaki, Eat Greek for a Week is a wonderful introduction to Greek cooking.

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More about Tonia Buxton

Tonia Buxton is a gourmet chef, writer and television personality. She was the presenter of the Discovery Channel's award-winning series My Greek Kitchen and My Cypriot Kitchen which has won global acclaim and shown in 17 different countries worldwide.
Tonia's first publication, Have a Baby and Look Better than Ever, is a practical book on how pregnancy can be the beginning of a good body and not the end, and explores all aspects of pregnancy - mental, physical and spiritual.
Tonia has also written many articles on healthy eating, mood foods and beauty therapy, published in Zest and The Daily Mirror