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Jane Dismore
This app has been designed to work with the book DUCHESSES - LIVING IN 21st CENTURY BRITAIN Using this FREE app you can enter the unique world of the British aristocracy and meet some of the wonderful Duchesses featured in the book. The Duchesses open their doors and invite you into their family homes in these exclusive video interviews, sharing with you what it means to be a Duchess in the 21st century. From what advice they were given about becoming a Duchess to their favourite rooms and their haunted histories. Learn more about the Duchesses with the first chapter, then explore their family tree and their coat of arms. Highlights include – Exclusive interviews with the Duchesses The Duchesses family trees Interviews with Jane Dismore, the book’s author A gallery of the Duchesses family coat of arms Ghost stories from the Duchesses family homes The first chapter from the book How it Works – To unlock the additional content within DUCHESSES - LIVING IN 21st CENTURY BRITAIN locate one of the many scan the page icons, then having launched the app focus your device’s camera at the page and see it come to life on your screen…. Enjoy! The app includes an extract of the book.

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Duchesses App (28 Aug 2014)
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Duchesses App
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More about Jane Dismore

Jane Dismore has worked as a teacher and a solicitor but her passion has always been writing. Successfully blending modern and historical, her first work of non-fiction was published in 2012 and was long-listed for a literary award in 2013. 'Duchesses - Living in 21st Century Britain' is her second non-fiction book.