David Crouch

British freelance journalist David Crouch moved to Sweden in August 2013, settling in Gothenburg on the west coast. Previously he was a news editor at the Financial Times in London. Reporting mainly for the Guardian, he also teaches investigative journalism at Gothenburg university and works in corporate communications. In a previous life, he acquired a D.Phil. in the sociology of scientific knowledge. In another previous life, he was a writer and editor in Moscow.

Swedish photographer and filmmaker Tina Axelsson is known for her portraits, reportage, album covers, dance and fashion work. During a career spanning more than 20 years, her curiosity for people and cultures has taken her around the globe. Says a colleague who became a friend: 'Tina is wild at heart. She has an ability to capture the essence of a person that is intimate and even philosophical.' She lives with her family in Stockholm.