Heartbreaking stories of the kids trapped in Britain's broken care system
Chris Wild
'We were just sacks of flesh existing as punch bags for their rage or toys for their entertainment.'

Chris Wild lost his dad when he was 11 and was sent to live, grow and be nurtured in the care system. There, he witnessed the incessant physical and sexual abuse of vulnerable children, and found the only route of escape led to a new home on the streets. He found so many others just like him, failed by the systems put in place to protect vulnerable children, leaving them with nothing but drink, drugs, prostitution and crime to become their normality.

After moving away from Halifax to pursue his dreams, he still couldn't escape from the voices in his head - those of the victims he had met and couldn't forget. Chris began working in a care home himself to change the narrative for today's children, but what he saw there shocked him. Abuse was still rife, children were still being failed, and the vulnerable still had no chances in life.

This is a heartbreaking memoir that relays Chris' memories of the care system with the stories of all the boys, girls, men and women he met along the way - all who shared his desperation for survival. Damaged exposes why we must take action now to protect all of Britain's most vulnerable children.

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More about Chris Wild

Chris Wild grew up in the care system, and is now a 38-year-old husband and father of two beautiful children.