Can We Live Here?

Sarah Alderson
'Last week, I was sitting in seven layers (two of them thermal) next to a fire, with a blanket wrapped around me. Now, I am sleeping in kickers and a vest under a fan. Let the mosquitos bite me. They can have me ... Can we live here? ... If I don't become roadkill in the next few days, I'll let you know my thoughts.'

In 2009, Sarah and John Alderson quit their full-time jobs in London and headed off, with Alula, their three-year-old daughter, on a global adventure to find a new home. For eight months, they travelled through Australia, the US and Asia - navigating India with a toddler in a tutu, battling black magic curses in Indonesia and encountering bears in North America - asking themselves one defining question: 'Can We Live Here?'

Inspirational, hilarious and fascinating - this is an unforgettable travel memoir and a unique guide to quitting your job, following your dreams and finding your home in a far-flung paradise.

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More about Sarah Alderson

Sarah Alderson was born and grew up in the UK, she is married with her now eight year old daughter, Alula and has lived in Bali since late 2011. Whilst settling in Bali, Sarah not only began writing the blog 'Can We Live Here?' she also published her first novel for teenagers, Hunting Lila with Simon & Schuster, followed by a sequel. She has now published four more novels for teenagers, as well as adult romantic fiction for Macmillan, under the pseudonym Mila Gray. Her latest acclaimed novel for adults, Come Back to Me, was published in Summer 2014.