Bumblebee Nation

The hidden story of the new Swedish model
David Crouch
A large, hairy, social bee. With its heavy body and tiny wings, it seems the bumblebee should not be able to fly -
yet it does so with grace and efficiency.

It has a burly body with tiny wings... and yet it flies. Sweden can be compared to a bumblebee, seeming to defy the laws of economic gravity. High wages, strong unions, generous welfare and regulated markets - how can Sweden claim to be a dream location for business, while coming out on top of rankings for childcare, work-life balance, equality and the environment? Bumblebee Nation investigates the Swedish economic model and asks what makes it tick today.

Based on more than 70 interviews with leading figures in industry and politics, the book is a journey through Swedish society, examining the various bumblebee features that set it apart from other nations.

This book challenges our assumptions about Sweden, revealing hidden features that help to generate wealth. David Crouch is a former Financial Times journalist. Tina Axelsson is a Swedish photographer and filmmaker.

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More about David Crouch

British freelance journalist David Crouch moved to Sweden in 2013, settling in Gothenburg on the west coast. Previously, he was a news editor at the Financial Times in London. Now reporting mainly for the Guardian, he also teaches investigative journalism at Gothenburg University. In a previous life, he acquired a D.Phil. in sociology. In another previous life, he was a writer and editor in Moscow.