Big Sam's Guide to Life

"Manager of the Month. Manager of the year, I'd say. Manager of the century. Manager of your hearts."

"Feast! Feast on my milky teat of triumph. For I am Big Sam, and I am a footballing god."

Business leaders and politicians have long realised that there is much to be learned from the world of low-to-mid Premier League football. But what about the rest of us? What can the former manager of England, Crystal Palace and literally nine other teams teach us about our own lives?

Across a book chock-full of utter brilliance, 'Big Sam' will pass on some of the wisdom he's accumulated over the years. Like how to deal with betrayal. Or how to seduce a woman in three easy steps. Or how to thwart disaster if someone plays Nickelback on a pub jukebox. There's very little that Big Sam can't turn his hand to and very little that he won't happily share with you lucky readers.

So, whether you're trying to deal with online trolls, on a night out and saddled with a disabled or forced to make small talk with people in the goods and service industries, Big Sam's Guide to Life will guide you to the top, or at least avoid relegation.

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More about @TheBig_Sam

'Big Sam' has been one of Twitter's enduring superstars. With over 150,000 followers, he's been dispensing nuggets of relentlessly crude, but inventive comedy for over seven years. He's followed by some of the biggest names in football media, like Gary Neville, Oliver Holt and Jonathan Wilson. He's also written extensively for Paddy Power.