The Art of Finding Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation in a Busy World
Suzanne Duckett
'I'll cherish my baths even more now!' Melissa Hemsley

'A timely reminder of the meditative ritual of bathing' Laura Bailey

verb \'bat?h\
: to take a bath
: to become immersed or absorbed

Bathe explores the many types of baths and bathing from around the world - from the simple act of bathing at home to traditional communal baths as found in the UK, to Turkish hammams, Japanese sento or Onsen, Jimjilbang in Korea and Finnish and Swedish saunas.

This beautifully designed book illustrates how the act of bathing is not only a great way to unwind and switch off from the hyper-activity of modern-day life, but also has a host of scientific benefits. It stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, helps skin conditions and can boost circulation and heart health, in addition to benefiting muscles and joints, and even balancing hormones.

Including power bath recipes for aching muscles, low mood and energy, Bathe focuses on the meditative side of bathing. With practical bathing recipes to leave you feeling rejuvenated and calm, as well as bath-time exercises you can use to fuel creative thinking, Bathe will offer ways of unleashing your inner creativity and problem-solving.

Unwinding our bodies and minds in the bath is a primal ritual that today offers a readily available form of practical mindfulness that will help heal your mind and your body.

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More about Suzanne Duckett

Suzanne Duckett is an influential Wellness Journalist, Author, Keynote Speaker who writes regularly for titles including The Times, Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and numerous magazines. Through - her contemporary wellness agency, Suzanne hosts talks, events and podcasts, also consulting on global spa & brand projects. She lives in south west London with her husband, daughter and two French bulldogs and is a prolific power bather! Suzanne has created, where fellow bathers can feel inspired, find out more about the healing power of bathing, keep up with the latest scientific findings and discover Suzanne's favourite bathing products and accoutrements.

Suzanne's co-writer Georgina Rodgers is an experienced journalist and writer. She has authored 14 books and five Sunday Times bestsellers, both as a co-writer and under her own name, including Peace of Mind: A book of calm for busy mums.