Turning my back on the premier league – Lee Price


3D Lee Price PNGLike most young males, my first and strongest love was football. The simple joy of kicking a ball around in the back garden has never left me – even now, I can’t resist. Usually under the premise of joining in with a younger relative, I’ll still be there long after their interest has waned. And then there’s watching the sport, taking on the highs and lows of any fandom, which are accentuated especially when it’s the national team .But my relationship with the beautiful game has changed recently…

I supported Manchester United, despite being born in Luton, Bedfordshire. The first house I remember living in was some 172 miles away from what would later become my spiritual home, Old Trafford. But last summer I began to feel uneasy. Ten years after Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich pitched up in West London, England’s top-flight and Premier League’s cultures have changed into an inexorable pursuit of success through riches. His transformation of Chelsea set the precedent for the Abu Dhabi group at Manchester City.

Last season, United earned £60.8 million in prize money for winning the Premier League. This season, the club finishing bottom will earn £2.2million MORE. It’s big business, but it doesn’t end there. Arsenal are charging up to £1,470 for a season ticket, the most expensive ticket in world football. It’s difficult to believe that football was ever considered a working class sport. And it’s why I’m turning my back on the Premier League.

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