The Pointless Book – Alfie Deyes



Alfie Deyes, the 20-year-old Brighton resident behind the worldwide hit YouTube channel PointlessBlog, brings you The Pointless Book – the ultimate addition to his vlogs and videos. Part activity book and part journal, the book is a weird and wonderful mix of games, pranks, jokes and challenges for all to enjoy.

The Pointless Book will feature a free downloadable App, meaning readers can interact with Alfie as they make their way through the book. Linked hashtags and a social media campaign across multiple platforms including twitter, facebook, Instagram and pinterest will mean fans can share their experience of the book in real time and also see how Alfie himself got on with some of the challenges and games.

For Alfies following or anyone with a sense of humour and a few minutes to spare, The Pointless Book is a must have this autumn. From drawing a selfie to baking a cake in a mug, road trip games to the people watching challenge and even an in-book time capsule, the book is full of the humour and quirkiness that is unmistakably Alfie.



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ISBN: 9781905825905 | Publication Date: 4 September 2014 | Price: P.O.R.