Life-abet: An A to Z of Existence – Aaron Gillies

Lifeabet 2 3D


Aaron Gillies aka @TechnicallyRon is already an established ‘voice of a generation’ with his popular, sharp and precisioned brand of visual comedy satire. Firmly in touch with his masculinist and feminist issues, @technicallyRon is not afraid to take a pop at the subliminal messages on body image and self esteem to be found in the media, and on the covers of magazines.

In this, intelligent and witty accurate visual dictionary, the author analyses today’s most popular everyday parlance and pursuits amongst 19 to 35 year-olds to hilarious effect. A laugh out loud gift book for all year round!

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ISBN: 9781910536247 | Publication Date: 5 November 2015 | Price: P.O.R.