The Lost Olympian of the Somme

The Lost Olymoian PB


Impeccably detailed and beautifully written, The Lost Olympian of the Somme is the story of an Olympic gold medallist and forgotten war hero. Frederick Kelly’s first-hand account offers a startling personal insight into the Great War and offers a unique look into the Royal Navy’s Hood Battalion. An innovative new division of sailors that served on land as soldiers, Kelly’s battalion included some of the leading artistic and intellectual minds of the day: The Hon. Charles Lister, Arthur ‘Ock’ Asquith (the Prime Minister’s son), and the poet Rupert Brooke, whose final hours Kelly witnessed.

Olympic champion, composer, pianist, intellectual and leader of men – this is Frederick Kelly’s incredible story.

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ISBN: 9781910536704 | Publication Date: 16 June 2016 | Price: P.O.R.