Can We Live Here? – Sarah Alderson



Having spent most of her life in London, Sarah Alderson quit her job in 2009 and took off on a round the world trip with her husband and tutu-wearing daughter on a mission to find a new place to call home. After a year spent exploring India, Singapore, Australia and the US, they settled in Bali, where inspiration struck for Sarah whose vocation as a writer began to flourish. Her blog ‘Can We Live Here?’ was begun, and soon captured the attention of many eager for escapism and useful information on living in a vastly different culture as well as charting Sarah’s four-year journey of personal growth. This book of the same name, is revised and updated for a whole new audience and will engage, inspire and inform readers and make starting a new life more than just a dream, but a real possibility.

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ISBN: 9781910536117 | Publication Date: 3 August 2015 | Price: P.O.R.