83 Minutes: The Doctor, the Damage, and the Shocking Death of Michael Jackson

83-Minutes-The Doctor-the-Damage-and-the-Shocking-Death-of-Michael-Jackson-3D


On June 25th, 2009, the world was rocked by the tragic, shocking news that Michael Jackson the biggest and most influential music icon since Elvis Presley was pronounced dead on arrival at a Los Angeles hospital. He was 50 years old. This is a comprehensive and truly horrifying account of those crucial 83 minutes before his death, a multi-perspective tracking of all who were involved at the scene, and their part to play in the events surrounding Jackson’s tragic passing.
The shocking cocktail of drugs employed to keep Jackson alive; the harrowing and squalid conditions in which this troubled musical genius ended his life, all is accurately described from official court transcripts and documentation in this powerful and compelling account of one of the darkest few hours in music.

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ISBN: 9781910536216 | Publication Date: 10 September 2015 | Price: P.O.R.